Public speaking

Are you looking for an award winning motivational speaker?

I’d love to tell my story at your upcoming event to inspire, help, support others, and to raise awareness of what it is like to live with a visual impairment.

He looked me up and down and didn’t see a white stick or a guide dog – "Sure, he said, grab a harness." Five minutes later I was wobbling up the rickety ladder to the first obstacle.

Raising awareness

While it is simple to imagine being totally blind, my aim is to make fully sighted people more aware of the challenges faced by visually impaired people who have some useful sight. I also explore the social model of disability.

I have been lucky enough to live for two years in a place where I was effectively not disabled, and so have experienced the social model first hand.

I’d love to speak at your next event.

Martyn attempting to cross a busy road with the assistance of his guide dog

Amanda Harris: She will never be a failure!!!

Well done Amanda on a splendidly inspiring high-climbing talk. As a speaker, give her a try and your audience will be inspired!!!

PSA - Professional Speaking Association
Michael Dodd
London PSA

What a wonderful message of determination to make the most of one’s ability, rather than disability.

Amanda was really inspiring!


It is always a real pleasure to listen to a fluent speaker who can use humour and wit when talking about very difficult experiences.

Amanda’s eyesight disability – nystagmus – is something few in our group knew about. From her, we learned about how if affected her life events from childhood through to the skilled and knowledgeable Amanda she is today.

Our group was enthralled by her “no holds barred” presentation and discussion. Her personality shone through, inspiring us and giving us thoughts to take away about how we respond to others with disabilities.

Thoroughly recommended.

City of Nottingham Tangent

My eyes are particularly annoying. Not only do they give me the world in soft focus, but they are constantly on the move. This is usually just a slight wobble, but when I am tired or stressed they prefer a figure of eight. They are probably doing the Argentine tango by now – but don’t worry, that is normal for me.

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Amanda speaking at Coombe Abbey in June 2021
Amanda speaking at an event at Coombe Abbey

Assisting me as your event speaker

There are a few things you can do as an event organiser to meet my individual needs as your speaker. Please:

  • email any slides to me in advance
  • let me sit near the front
  • ensure your slides are clear, concise and in contrasting colours
  • provide verbal explanations alongside your slides – fully sighted members of your audience will appreciate this as well.

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