She Will Never…

My story of life with a visual impairment

I’m Amanda, and I was born visually impaired.

Immerse yourself into my journey through life with a visual impairment. From doctors saying, “She will never thread a needle”, to running a successful business, speaking at events, and writing my debut book, She Will Never…

Amanda Harris, author of She Will Never, stood on a path with overarching autumn trees


She Will Never is a funny, irreverent and sometimes moving telling of my life with a visual impairment.

My debut book is my story, and aims to make an impression and offer practical tips for those facing sight loss.

Public speaker

I’d love to speak at your upcoming event and share my journey.

I that my story will inspire those facing their own challenges, and help anyone with a visual impairment at any age – and all with my own brand of humour.

Do not apply mascara before reading Chapter Nine